4 doctors not co-operating with investigations into COVID practices: Ontario medical regulator


4 doctors not co-operating with investigations into COVID practices- Ontario medical regulator-Milenio Stadium-Ontario
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is taking four doctors to court, saying they’re refusing to disclose documents related to the way they’re handling the COVID-19 pandemic. (Matthew Pierce/CBC)


Ontario’s medical regulator says it is turning to the courts in an effort to compel four physicians to co-operate with its investigations into their practices regarding COVID-19, including the issuance of medical exemptions for vaccines.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says it has launched legal action with the Superior Court against Dr. Mary Elizabeth O’Connor, Dr. Mark Raymond Trozzi, Dr. Celeste Jean Thirlwell and Dr. Rochagne Kilian.

The regulator last week suspended Kilian’s medical licence, after previously barring her from issuing medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines.

Trozzi was also prohibited from issuing vaccine exemptions last month.

The regulator has previously urged doctors to be selective in issuing exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines, noting there are very few legitimate reasons to not get immunized against the virus.

The college has filed four notices of application laying out its allegations against the doctors.

‘Vaccine exemptions for a fee’ among allegations

In the documents, it alleges Killian has provided vaccine exemptions through a website called Enable Air, which “facilitates the purchase of vaccination exemptions for a fee” and describes vaccine passports as a “fascist document.”

It also alleges Killian has obstructed the investigation by refusing to provide medical records and patient information on
grounds the college does not have jurisdiction to request them.

The documents allege Trozzi has also refused to provide records because he believes the regulator has “no legal basis” to obtain them. Trozzi argues an Ontario physician is “free to provide medical exemptions related to COVID-19 vaccinations as he or she sees fit,” according to the notice.

In its notice regarding Thirlwell, the college alleges she has indicated through counsel that any attempt to obtain records from her office will be “resisted physically, by private security.” It also alleges she takes the position that the college lacks jurisdiction to “police” medical exemptions.

The regulator alleges O’Connor has refused to provide records and argued the college must “define COVID-19.”

The notice also says O’Connor has referred to COVID-19 shots as “gene therapy experiments … being administered to humanity without consent.”


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