$17M worth of drugs, including fentanyl, seized in 2 police investigations

$17M worth of drugs, including fentanyl, seized in 2 police investigations-Milenio Stadium-Ontario
Some of the drugs seized in two separate police investigations in Toronto. (Toronto Police Service )


Toronto police say they have arrested two men and seized more than $17 million worth of drugs — including a large amount of fentanyl — in two separate investigations.

Police call massive fentanyl bust largest ever in Ontario

Police say about 150 kilograms of crystal meth, cocaine, fentanyl and heroin were recovered during the probes. Officers also seized two firearms and about half a million dollars.

During the news conference, Supt. Steve Watts used a sugar packet to demonstrate how potentially lethal the fentanyl could have been if it had made it to the street.

“One five-gram package is responsible for 2,000 fatalities,” he said, holding up the packet.

“So now in front of you, we have 33 kilograms… you’re looking at essentially over 13 million possible fatalities.”

The men were arrested separately and are facing multiple charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking. Police say the two investigations are unrelated.

Police are also alleging that an address in Mississauga, Ont., was being used as a fentanyl lab and for distribution of drugs.

A 23-year-old man from Vaughan, Ont., and a 26-year old from Edmonton are scheduled to appear in court on separate dates later this month.


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