Giving back to society

MDC Media Group in conjunction with Jose Dias and Luis Miguel de Castro, continues its food campaign to help the underprivileged of our society.


Giving back to society-comida2-local-mileniosyadium


Giving back to society-comida1-local-mileniosyadium
Voluntárias, prepararam comida para 25 pessoas carentes. Foto: DR


We continue our food collection campaign at Camões Square, 722 College St. under the tent where dry food goods can be deposited for the food bank. Every Thursday we continue to distribute 25 meals to needy families under the guidance of Jose Dias and Luis Miguel de Castro who are in charge of meal distribution. Last week it was Cristina da Costa, this week Casa do Alentejo who provided wonderful meals. Next week it will be Casa dos Açores of Ontario.

They are an example of what giving back to society is about. Volunteers who care are still in short supply and we need more who can look after our fellow citizens. Thank you for opening your hearts and to all who care.

Manuel DaCosta/MS

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