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evento foi organizado pela Federação de Profissionais e Empresários Luso Canadianos – FPCBP em parceria com a Elevation Pictures, a Embaixada de Portugal em Toronto e o Turismo de Portugal. Foto: CamõesTV


Fatima, is a movie inspired by a true story directed by Marco Pontecorvo. The premiere screening was at Ontario Place on August 12th, 2020. As part of MDC Media Group, I attended the event with some anticipation.

Some aspects of the story were of interest due to some gaps in my mind history about the events, which I had hoped to fill. The event was organized by FPCBP under the expert guidance of Angie Camara, which due to the pandemic in the background, resulted in an exercise in patience. The expectations for this event were high and with the exceptions of some organizational hiccups the participation was for the most part positive.

Now the movie. Anytime a movie attempts to portray a historical event of the magnitude that could be said as “world changing”, the opportunity for disappointment is magnified. Depicting a period intime where religion in Portugal and the world was forever changed is no easy task, therefore why ever attempt it? As a catholic, Fatima has always been an enigma that asks a million questions about many aspects of beliefs and facts of what religion is about. Did this movie crystalize or answer any of my interpretive views of Fatima and its message? No. Actually overall the movie is somewhat dark and confusing where snippets of periods intime are intertwined with dramatic effects, which are convoluted and confusing. The apparition scenes which form the nucleus of the “miracle” looked amateurish and should not have been attempted in that form. My view of Fatima was not shaken and, in some aspects, solidified some of my negativity regarding miraculous apparitions and subsequent messaging, which is perplexing at best. Careful consideration has to be adopted when dramatizing an occurrence which changed the world, affecting millions of lives and memories. This movie did not live up to the aura and mystery that shook the lives of those that have embraced Fatima. lts another movie to be watched primarily for entertainment and should not affect the sanctity of your thoughts, nor should it become a labyrinth where you look for answers. Look into yourself for those.

Manuel DaCosta/MS

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