Forget Me Not

On Saturday July 25th, 2020, Camões Square hosted an event which was named “Forget Me Not” (Portuguese children and the pandemic).

The event, which was supported by Casa dos Açores, enthusiastically led by Suzana Cunha, and Casa do Alentejo, led by its President Carlos Sousa, embraced the concept that children have also suffered with this pandemic and should be celebrated.

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Under glorious sunshine the on-site team led by Jose Dias and Luis Miguel Castro provided a cornucopia of events and sweet things which engaged the many faces of children who happily embraced the atmosphere provided to them. Delicious ice cream, cookies, popsicles and colourful cupcakes reminded everyone of a picnic consisting of happy faces and sweet delicacies. There was an educational component to the gathering consisting of artwork reflective of the times we live in. The artistry shown by these young artists can be enjoyed in this week’s Milénio Stadium and projects a vision of kids as young as 3. Casas dos Açores and Alentejo had the vision to provide an event which combined teaching and ice cream. How better to spread a little culture at a moment in time of our children’s lives?

To all volunteers, thank you.

While all artwork was great, C. Cordeiro of Casa do Alentejo and Riley Camarata of Casa dos Açores provided positive messaging which is what we need during these difficult times. Congratulations to both for representing the best of those Casas.

Manuel DaCosta


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