End of summer rains wreak havoc

The heavy downpours, hail and strong winds at the start of this week wreaked havoc in parts of Portugal, namely Lisbon and Coimbra, causing flooding, uprooted trees and landslides, while several flights to Lisbon were diverted as the stormy weather hung over the capital’s airport.

Ten districts were under a yellow weather alert, due to the bad weather which was forecast to stretch.
The worst of the weather rattled the capital for just minutes, but even so was enough to disrupt air traffic and cause inundations in several parts of the city and its fringes.
Six flights to Lisbon were forced to divert due to the stormy weather, which also caused delays to other flights departing from the capital.

Flights from Milan, Bologna, Paris, Copenhagen and Luxembourg were re-routed to Faro until the weather eased up, while a flight from Porto to Lisbon turned back halfway into its journey because of the tempest ahead.

Rescue services in central Portugal and Lisbon were called out to dozens of incidents caused by the rain and wind.

In Lisbon, the worst of the flooding was reported in Benfica and on Alameda dos Oceanos, in Park of Nations, while torrents of water also affected the Naus dock and the downpour blasted chunks of plaster off a building on Travessa do Pardal, in Ajuda.
Elsewhere, a road near Coimbra had to be cut off after a landslide poured on to the EN17.
Close by, the EM541, which links the EN17 to the village of Ribas, was also cut off.

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