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It’s official; the Kansas City Chiefs are the biggest letdown of this half-season in the NFL. While it is true, they are a .500 team, and there is the other half of the season to go. To that, I say so are the New England Patriots, who just beat Los Angeles at home, a team that humbled the Chiefs earlier in the season. The real difference here is that there are zero expectations for the Patriots to do anything this season. However, there were real expectations that Kansas City would rebound from its Superbowl blowout loss and do what teams with character do – BOUNCE BACK.  In their last three games before the Giants, The Chiefs were blown out by Buffalo, they squeaked by Washington (not a playoff team this season), then they were blown out by the Titans. Everything pointed to the Chiefs exploding Monday night on the national stage and doing what they do – SCORE! While they did beat the hapless New York Giants, 20 – 17, they needed a last-minute field goal to do it. My biggest problem with the Chiefs is not that their D is weak. The Bucs have the same problem, a soft D; the Bucs know that they have to score 21 points at minimum to be in a game and go out and do it every week. With one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL, the Chiefs can barely make 20 points a game. 20,21,3,20 represent their totals from the last four games. This lack of scoring has everything to do with the fact that NFL defenses have finally figured out the baby goat, Patrick Mahomes. I was ready to pick Green Bay this week to smash the Chiefs in a statement game since Aaron Rodgers is upset, and he’s like the Hulk of the NFL world when he is upset. However, it was reported on Wednesday that Aaron Rodgers has indeed tested positive for COVID. Rodgers is now unavailable to play against the Chiefs, what excuse will they have if they lose to the Packers? NONE! Their season will be over. The spread before Rodger’s COVID diagnostic was the Chiefs -1.0. It is now -7.5!

Injuries I had brought up last week were starting to take a toll on teams. Well, they are now starting to take a heavy toll. Derrick Henry, the Titans, running back, the best in the League, the guy carrying that mediocre team on his back, is out for the season after injuring himself in the ultra-competitive divisional game against the Colts. This is a terrible blow to the League, and of course, the Titans. Although it’s a team game, Henry was a big part of that team. Can they recover and continue to win? Yes! But it will be much tougher for them now, as a team can play them much differently. It’s one thing I admire about the NFL; with such short seasons, these guys go out there and give it 100%. In Basketball, we have seen the new tactic of resting players for many season games on purpose, so they are ready for the playoffs. Lebron James comes to mind. Of course, as a fan, I would feel ripped if I was paying big bucks to see a game, and they were “resting” their stars for that particular game. The Lightning in the NHL pulled the same behavior last year. Kucherorv, who missed the entire NHL season, was ready to go before the NHL season ended last year. Kucherov played his first game of the year in the first round of the playoffs. This meant he would not be fatigued, and he delivered, outscoring everyone else, leading Tampa to their second cup in as many years. The NFL doesn’t do this; players play, it’s as simple as that. I hope that doesn’t change. If Henry didn’t try so hard or sat out that game because the Titans were in control of the division, maybe he’s available for the rest of the season. Well, the what if’s in our society are just that. It would be a smarter approach for teams to try and have a competent backup QB and RB as a kind of business continuity if the unthinkable happens.   

Henry Ruggs III, a Las Vegas Raiders Wide Reciever, faces felony charges of driving under the influence, causing death, and reckless driving. It has been reported that Ruggs was driving 250 KM/H in a Corvette moments before colliding with a Toyota RAV4, igniting it on fire and killing the driver. Ruggs and a passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. It has also been reported that Ruggs blood alcohol was double the legal limit. When will people learn!

  • Players of the week

A Shoutout has to go to New York Jets Backup QB Mike White, who torched the Cincinnati Bengals last week, throwing for over 400 YDS and three scores. White threw the most yards of any NFL QB, beating Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers in the process. This is newsworthy because, in Vegas, a gambler can bet weekly on which QB will throw the most yards. The odds for White to win the week was 125-1. Someone wagered $1000 on him, netting themselves $125,000.00. Lucky!

Mike White, QB, New York Jets
37/45 C / ATT, 405 YDS, 3 TDs

A.J. Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans
10 REC, 155 YDS, 1 TD

Elijah Mitchell, RB, San Francisco 49ers
18 CAR, 137 YDS, 1 TD

Adam’s NFL week 9 picks. Last Week ATS: (6 – 8) / Season Total ATS: (61 – 52 – 1)

  • Sunday (1:00 pm)

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans
Atlanta +6.0

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville +14.5

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland +2.5

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys
Dallas -10.0

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins
Houston +6.5

Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Giants
Las Vegas -2.5

Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota +6.0

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers
New England -3.5

Sunday – 4:05 PM

Los Angeles -1.5 @ Philadelphia Eagles
Los Angeles -1.5

Sunday – 4:25 PM

Arizona @ San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco +1.5

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City -7.5

Sunday – 8:20 PM

Tennessee Titans @ Los Angeles Rams
Tennessee +7.5

Monday – 8:15 PM

Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh -6.5

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