NFL Report – Week 12

NFL Report – Week 12-us-mileniostadium
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U.S Thanksgiving is here, which means time for big family parties and football.

The problem is most of America is now under a considerable travel advisory, and the NFL already had to postpone one of Thursday’s (26) games. NFL thanksgiving football does not have the same feel to it this year. Still, the show must go on. 

The sports world is starting to flirt with the idea of Pittsburgh running the table and going 16 – 0. This most likely will not happen; they are a deep and talented club, but winning their last six games will be tricky, mainly because if they are 14 – 0, and have locked up the one seed; are they going really play Big Ben, in garbage games risking significant injury? The answer is no. Even if they do, there is no guarantee it translates into a Super Bowl win. Just ask the 2007 patriots who ran the table to 16, but finished 18 – 1, missing out on the prize. Mike Tomlins ego may get in the way of logic so, time will tell. It’s essential to watch teams’ play the next few weeks; a hot team fighting for the playoffs down to the wire may run the table and win the Super Bowl. Except for whoever wins the NFC East, they won’t win. Kansas City, the reigning champions, is still winning, but not like they were last year; they are not instilling fear in teams. With that in mind, keep a close eye on their game against Tampa Bay this week, a really big game for both; the same goes for Green Bay and Chicago;  The division is also on the line with Tennessee and Indianapolis. It’s going to be a holiday feast for whoever wins those games. On a closing note, this could be the final six games of Bill Belicheks legendary tenure with the Patriots; also something to follow, will the Pats finish strong?

Players of the week

  • Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams
    376 YDs, 3 TDs
  • Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans
    133 YDs, 1 TD
  • Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
    145 YDs, 1 TD

In the hot seat?

Last week, it was mentioned how important every game was to the bubble teams. Tampa Bay has spent millions this season, signing many veteran stars; expectations were and are still high. After losing two of three, they are at home in a must-win game against Kansas City. A win and they are still in the fight for the conference, a loss and they are in a fight for the 7th seed, it’s that competitive.   

Team of the Week

The Titans rose to the challenge last week; in a statement game of who wanted it more, trailing by double digits in the 3rd, they found a way to grind the W. The AFC South will come down to the wire, but Tennessee is showing they are ready to get back to the AFC Championship?

NFL Report – Week 12-us-mileniostadium

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