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The NFL 23’ season kicked off this week, and with it comes hope to all those teams that have made move after move to try and, at the very least, make a deep playoff run or win the Superbowl. Honestly, I can’t remember an offseason with as much action as this one. The amount of talent that has moved from one team to another must be in the stratosphere regarding player salary. Russell Wilson jumped ship to the Denver Broncos, making them a legitimate divisional contender in what is now the most brutal division in all of football. The Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers are all decently favored teams to win the bowl, but even the Raiders made splashes to try and keep up, like adding Davante Adams, a top-five wide receiver. It will be a lot of fun to watch this division beat itself up all season long, which could hamper Superbowl aspirations.

Truth be told, it’s only week one, and no team’s season is over after this weekend. We might raise an eyebrow if Dallas were to embarrass Tampa Bay. But come on now, Dallas and Tampa had the two top offenses in all of football last season, and Tampa barely beat Dallas when they played opening day. It will be interesting to see how Brady handles not having a bonafide offensive line and how he deals with reports that there might be a separation/divorce in his near future.

Aside from possible divorce news, many different and exciting stories will begin to unfold this weekend. As mentioned above, Russell Wilson is now a Denver Bronco, and the NFL rewarded him by having him take on his old team, on the road, on Monday Night Football! Seattle, I might add is a very unwelcoming city to play in. Will this affect the Broncos? Time will Tell! Even if you aren’t a football fan, you most likely heard the name Deshaun Watson in the news, as he was in court for most of the last year defending allegations of sexual misbehavior with over 20 women. Well, Watson, who sat out all last year, was signed by the Cleveland Browns, only to learn he will miss 11 games due to a heavy suspension handed down by the NFL for his misbehavior. It is interesting because the Browns elected to go for Watson, who is talented but has his off-field demons, and they moved QB Baker Mayfield to Carolina. Mayfield isn’t happy with the Browns, and the Browns aren’t happy with him. So what did the NFL do? They are making them play each other this weekend. That is one of my top games this weekend, and neither team is a contender. Even Kansas City, with league superstar Patrick Mahomes, shipped their best offensive weapon Tyreek Hill to Miami, and they aren’t happy with each other. So much drama everywhere one looks. I just want to know how will that affect the Chiefs’ ability to score?

No outcome is guaranteed this weekend, and even Vegas is somewhat skeptical. Not one game at the time I wrote this article had a spread of over 7 pts. Vegas expects some close football this weekend, which means the fans win, and the gamblers most likely don’t.

I feel this season will be one to remember!

Weekly Picks

Last Week ATS: (0-0-0) / Season Total ATS: (0-0-0)

Sunday (11) – 1:00 PM

New Orleans Saints (-5.5) @ Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta +5.5
San Francisco 49ers (-7.0) @ Chicago Bears: Chicago +7.0
Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.5) @ Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati -6.5
Philadelphia Eagles (-4.0) @ Detroit Lions: Detroit +4.0
New England Patriots (+3.5) @ Miami Dolphins: New England +3.5
Baltimore Ravens (-7.0) @ New York Jets: Baltimore -7.0
Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) @ Washington Commanders: Washington -2.5
Cleveland Browns (+1.5) @ Carolina Panthers: Carolina -1.5
Indianapolis Colts (-7.0) @ Houston Texans: Indianapolis -7.0

Sunday (11) – 4:25 PM

New York Giants (+5.5) @ Tennessee Titans: New York +5.5
Green Bay Packers (-1.5) @ Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota +1.5
Kansas City Chiefs (-6.0) @ Arizona Cardinals: Arizona +6.0
Las Vegas Raiders (+3.0) @ Los Angeles Chargers: Los Angeles -3.0

Sunday (11) – 8:20 PM

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5) @ Dallas Cowboys: Tampa Bay -2.5

Monday – 8:15 PM

Denver Broncos (-6.5) @ Seattle Seahawks: Denver -6.5

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