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  • wooden-puzzle-with-the-word-trust-the-concept-of-2023-07-21-00-22-09-utc


    The fact is that these days we´re all too busy being led to focus on the calamity that is our…

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  • woman-s-hand-with-pen-writing-word-hate-on-notepad-2022-12-16-03-37-20-utc


      The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as: intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.…

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  • happy-businesswoman-laughing-while-working-on-lapt-2023-05-25-16-12-02-utc


      As humans, we come in a variety of different packages. One of the things we have in common, (and…

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  • caregiver-and-her-patient-in-the-nursing-home-2021-08-27-16-16-33-utc

    Hamster Wheel

      I live in a hamlet with a population of 21 people, not in isolation, mind you, but separate from…

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  • 34343443 (1)

    That’s how we rock & roll

        Music, the healer of ills, easer of pains, the bringer of great highs and of deep lows. For…

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  • Ontario-Greenbelt-sign-Christopher-Katsarov-Luna-The-Narwhal-scaled

    Some things change

      It was no surprise to anyone that the Auditor General’s report on Premier Ford’s opening up of protected lands…

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  • Some things change

    Having been out of the loop for a great many years now, I was a little apprehensive when faced with…

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  • Manufactured Intelligence

      I checked the thesaurus online for words that represented the opposite, or antonyms, of the meaning of the word…

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  • Women's soccer team

    Headed in the right direction

      There’s no denying that women’s soccer has gained incredible momentum in the last few years.  It should come as…

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  • Maria João Maciel Jorge

    Another Giant Step

      We, the Portuguese, are a subdued people.  We’re humble, and even somewhat conservative in many ways.  So, when someone…

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  • ptw_shelterstats19_05

    Around And Around We Go

       Seriously, I hope there aren´t too many people reading my articles lately. What I mean is that whoever may…

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  • Homeward Bound

      For some reason, many people consider a vacation as a getaway to a foreign land. In one way it’s…

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  • paper-chain-family-or-community-2021-08-26-22-29-59-utc

    A Port In A Storm

      As many of us know, when we’re strangers in a strange land, anything, or anyone, familiar and connected to…

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  • canadian-flag-2022-11-14-21-10-57-utc

    40, And Counting

        40 million. Not such a large number of people, when you consider the size of the area known…

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  • unforgettable-beauty-2022-12-16-14-26-13-utc

    That’s so last week!

      “Beauty is only skin deep”, is a phrase used to allude to the fact that a person’s character was…

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  • astronaut-against-realistic-planet-earth-starlight-2021-08-29-03-57-26-utc - milenio stadium


        I dislike the term “melting pot”, when it refers to the mix of cultures in any given country.…

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  • astronaut-against-realistic-planet-earth-starlight-2021-08-29-03-57-26-utc - milenio stadium


      Big stars and big events are marking this weekend’s 70th anniversary of Portuguese emigration to Canada, focusing the attention…

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  • astronaut-against-realistic-planet-earth-starlight-2021-08-29-03-57-26-utc - milenio stadium

    Up, Up, and Away

         Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of our immature, narcissistic, spoiled, uber-rich boys. The mission, to…

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  • 25 de abril - milenio stadium


        As humans, we have a great propensity to take things for granted. Many tend to place the appreciation…

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  • two-beef-steak-on-dark-gray-background-2022-02-02-04-51-33-utc

    No Stereotypes, Please

      I was very fortunate, even though my parents made a modest living, my mother, (the family CFO), always managed…

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  • industry-4-0-young-engineer-works-at-a-robotic-ar-2023-02-10-23-54-38-utc

    Ai! Ai! Ai!

        That was the cry uttered by my grandfather when getting up off the couch, back in the day.…

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  • alessandro-zambon-ueTewUUKn6M-unsplash

    A step

      It’s epic, the battle for control of what people can do with their own bodies. Today, society is bent…

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  • MILENIO STADIUM - daniel-novykov-TLoGZA0w-qw-unsplash

    Scene 1, Take…

        I apologize in advance, but I must tell you that announcement of a fore coming election doesn’t ease…

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  • rinke-dohmen-QRl3pBkWvmk-unsplash - milenio stadium

    Next Stop…

        It’s not what it used to be. That seems to be a common feeling among those of us…

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  • dearest - raul freitas - milenio stadium

    Nearest and dearest

        The definition of “family” has evolved consistently. Even the popular definition from let’s say, 15 years ago, is…

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  • children - milenio stadium

    Warning signs

        We count on our instincts to help guide us through our path, whether consciously or not. Although not…

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  • k2_items_src_5360bd81e3f4504b4d564c120ab89c20.jpg

    Alternative facts

      Not being generous with the truth is as popular as honesty itself. There are so many guises of lying…

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  • violencia escola - milenio stadiu m

    Que Será, Será!

        Predictions, forecasts, best guesses, gut feelings… in the end it’s all the same; opining about something that we…

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  • violencia escola - milenio stadiu m

    A Toast

      For the many of us that actually celebrate this time of the year, Christmas, whether we realize it or…

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  • violencia escola - milenio stadiu m

    Do the math

        Violence of various types has been a thing in our schools for quite a while now, at least…

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