Raul Freitas

  • cdc-LzxNmFLmZgA-unsplash - milenio stadium

    Sink or Swim

        Is there anyone out there that doesn’t fully understand the fundamental importance of water? Not a chance. What…

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  • nacho-arteaga-g453jQQnJ-U-unsplash - Milenio Stadium

    Habemus Papem P.R.

      In stereotypical terms, Canadians were always known to be the world’s foremost apologizers, well known throughout the comedy world,…

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  • enric-moreu-rIymmvOq3P8-unsplash


        A lacking public health system is nothing new, or at least it shouldn’t be. We’ve been listening to…

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  • adrian-infernus-_ePVzzM37OI-unsplash - milenio stadium

    Spark it up!

      Almost two million years, that’s how long ago some anthropologists believe man began to place their food over a…

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  • fast furious - milenio stadium

    Fast & Furious

        Is it just me, or does life feel like a video game these days? For quite a while…

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  • milenio stadium - simple

    Really Simple

        There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are what we eat. Along with what we ingest,…

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  • milenio stadium - a cause without rebels

    A Cause Without Rebels

        With literally billions of intelligent people on this planet, how is it we have consistently allowed ourselves to…

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  • milenio stadium - Beautiful-Lisbon-Portugal-1000x661

    Just Between You and Me

        None of us can really claim that any one culture possesses unique qualities, unless they’ve spent time among…

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  • milenio stadium - Padrão_dos_Descobrimentos_-_Closeup

    Heroes of The Sea

      I love my country. Even after my parents moved us all to Toronto in the beginning of the 70´s,…

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  • milenio stadium - think

    What were you thinking?

        The human brain is the ever-complex organ that has long fascinated and perplexed the scientific community. Its mysteries…

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