Trudeau spoke to the Queen this morning following Payette’s sudden resignation

Trudeau spoke to the Queen this morning following Payette's sudden resignation-Milenio Stadium-Canada
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Julie Payette. (Adrian Wyld, Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he spoke to the Queen this morning regarding the resignation of Julie Payette as governor general following reports she presided over a toxic work environment at Rideau Hall.

Payette stepping down as governor general after blistering report on Rideau Hall work environment

In an unprecedented move, Payette and her secretary, Assunta di Lorenzo, resigned Thursday after an outside workplace review of Rideau Hall probed allegations she had belittled, berated and publicly humiliated Rideau Hall staff.

Speaking from his prepared remarks, Trudeau said he spoke with the Queen this morning and let her know Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner will fulfil the duties of the governor general on an interim basis.

He said a recommendation on Payette’s replacement will be presented in due course.

A senior government source (speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly) said about 100 staffers took part in the outside review — close to half of Rideau Hall’s active workforce.

The report concluded it was an overwhelmingly toxic and poisonous workplace and the two people at the very top,  Payette and Di Lorenzo, were responsible for it, the source said.

The source also said Payette received parts of the report that pertained to her on Monday and that the clerk of the Privy Council had a tense conversation with her on Tuesday.


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