Trudeau announces $350M support fund for community groups helping vulnerable people

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced $350 million in emergency funds for community groups and national charities that help seniors, the homeless and others made more vulnerable by the pandemic.

Trudeau said these organizations are struggling to help more and more people due to the global pandemic. The funds will support some small independent organizations and national organizations such as the United Way and Red Cross.

“Their mission has always been to help people in their time of need and that hasn’t changed,” Trudeau said this morning. “But COVID-19 is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on those organizations because more people need help.”

The money will help these organizations pay for things like volunteer training and transportation.

Trudeau also announced today that employers can now use a calculator on the Canada Revenue Agency website to figure out how much they’re eligible for through the wage subsidy program.

Businesses, non-profits and charities can begin applying for the 75 per cent wage subsidy on Monday, April 27. The subsidy covers up to $847 a week per employee.


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