Rough winter overwhelms Gatineau snow budget

The cruel winter left its mark on the Gatineau, Que., snow budget.

A report to city councillors Wednesday morning said the city spent $15.2 million over the winter of 2018-19 clearing 3.1 metres of fallen snow and 48 millimetres of freezing rain, with crews headed out almost every day for some clearing efforts.

That added $1.3 million in overtime to budgets, which the city said is a record.

The city is currently expecting it could cost $23.7 million to clean snow and ice for all of 2019, which would mean a deficit of $3.6 million, but a lot will depend on how much snow falls after the summer.

It spent about $20 million on this in both 2017 and 2018.

The report also said the city hit its overall street cleaning targets 17 of the 18 times it got more than five centimetres of snow and 16 out of 18 times for sidewalks, though the central Hull and Gatineau sectors lagged behind.

Trying to improve

The city is trying two pilot projects next season, outfitting a dump truck that can refill sidewalk sanders on the road and bringing in two new devices that can better clear sidewalks.

City council is being asked to consider two other proposals at a meeting on July 2.

They include creating two night shifts to deal with blowing snow seven nights a week, which is estimated to cost $1.2 million.

The other proposal is to allow the city to extend the ban on overnight parking from 24 to 48 hours during major snowstorms.

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