Party leaders in Quebec agree to historic English-language debate

Quebec is one step closer to having a first-ever televised provincial leaders debate in English, after leaders of all four main parties agreed to participate Tuesday.

A consortium of English-language media in Quebec — including the CBC, CTV, Global, CJAD and the Montreal Gazette — made a formal request last Friday to the four parties with MNAs currently sitting in the National Assembly.

“I think there is much to tell the Anglo population of Quebec on how they’ve been taken for granted by the Liberals, and that’s why I think for the first time we should have an English debate of the leaders,”  Lisée told reporters at the National Assembly Tuesday. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’d be very happy to do this. It’s normal that we conduct a debate in English, and I hope it takes place,” Couillard said later.

“I accept with great pleasure to hold a debate in English,” Legault tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

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