Oakland Raider arrives for NFL pre-season game with ‘Winnipeg, Alberta’ shirt

Oakland Raiders rookie A.J. Cole III is learning about Canadian geography the hard way.

The Raiders tweeted out various photos on Wednesday of the team arriving in Winnipeg, which is set to host an Oakland-Green Bay NFL pre-season game at IG Field on Thursday.

Cole, seen in a photo taken shortly after landing at the city airport, was wearing a shirt that had “Winnipeg, Alberta” emblazoned across the chest.

After some online feedback from teammates, CFL teams and Winnipeg natives about the geographical error printed on his shirt, Cole tweeted, “Apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg, Man.… just a kid from Atlanta, Fla., playing football in Oakland, Nev., with a low geography IQ.”

The Raiders are scheduled to move into a new $1.8-billion US, 65,000-seat stadium in Las Vegas in 2020.

“We have a welcome gift for you, we didn’t want to ruin the surprise but … it’s T-shirts. A whole lot of new T-shirts,” the Bombers also tweeted.

Oakland placekicker Daniel Carlson, who was wearing a shirt supporting the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets in a photo, also noticed the blunder and tweeted at Cole, “Don’t you know that Winnipeg is in Manitoba??? smh rookies …”

Cole was asked online where the shirt was purchased and said, “If Amazon Prime counts as a cheap flea market, guilty as charged lol.”

The Raiders and Packers arrived in Manitoba’s capital on Wednesday.

It’s the first NFL contest in Canada since the Buffalo Bills completed a run of eight games in Toronto with a regular-season clash against the Atlanta Falcons in December 2013.

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