Margaret Atwood, Shawn Mendes offer COVID-19 advice in Time magazine

Author Margaret Atwood and singer Shawn Mendes are among the Canadians offering thoughts on how to cope during COVID-19 in Time magazine’s new “Finding Hope” issue.

The special has more than 50 alumni from the magazine’s annual Time 100 issue offering insights and perspectives on challenges faced during the pandemic.

Atwood’s piece encourages readers to keep the faith, make the most of this time, and think of all the things they hope will still exist once the pandemic is over.

The acclaimed Toronto author adds: “Then do what you can, now, to ensure the future existence of those things.”

Atwood suggests supporting health-care workers, restaurants and cafes, local bookstores, trusted newspapers and magazines, and arts and environmental organizations.



TIME’s new cover: Finding Hope — featuring Margaret Atwood, Sundar Pichai, Stephen Curry, Tsai Ing-wen and other TIME 100 leaders 

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The Pickering, Ont., singer says his “emotions have been all over the place” during the crisis, and advises readers to do such things as taking 10 deep breaths in a moment of stress, meditating and being physically active.

In a piece titled “Dear Parents: You’re Doing Better Than You Think,” comedian Samantha Bee offers a peek into her life now, as she juggles delivering her late-night show Full Frontal from home with helping her kids with their remote-learning school assignments.

“We speak to our kids very frankly about the pandemic. We share our own anxieties. If they have questions, we answer directly,” she writes.

“We don’t have a lot of clear answers, and that is certainly disconcerting. But we can only be our honest selves with them.”


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