IKEA closing all of its ‘pick-up-point’ stores in Ontario

Swedish big-box retailer IKEA has announced it will be closing all of its pick-up-point stores across Ontario as of Jan. 29.

“IKEA Canada has made the decision to close its existing Pick-up and Order Point units,” said Kristin Newbigging, a spokesperson for the company, in an emailed statement.

“In 2015, IKEA Canada launched the Pick-up and Order Point concept as part of a global test program to learn more about how our customers want to shop with IKEA in new retail formats.”

The stores slated for closure are located in Kitchener, London, Windsor, St. Catharines and Whitby.

As many as 150 employees are affected, about 30 in each of the five locations, the company confirms.

“We will work with every co-worker to find the best option for them, including support to find a new position at Ikea Canada in one of our store or distribution units,” Newbigging said.

The last day for customers to order delivery to the pick-up-point stores is Jan. 15, and the last day to pick up deliveries from a pick-up-point store will be Jan. 29.


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