Forest management company revises plan for Brook Trout Triangle

A citizens group advocating for the protection of the Brook Trout Triangle is applauding a forest management company’s decision to remove road access and harvesting in the area from its proposed 10-year forest management plan.

Jed Ziegler, member of the Coalition to Protect the Brook Trout Triangle, said the group found out last week that forest management company Greenmantle — which holds the sustainable forest license for the Lakehead Forest, which encompasses the 9,100-hectare triangle — had altered its proposed management plan for the area.

“We’re really excited about it,” Ziegler said of Greenmantle’s decision. “Had they had gone ahead … it could have damaged a pretty sensitive area in that north side of the triangle.”

“It would have been a shame to have that happen.”

Ziegler said the triangle hasn’t been the site of any forestry activities in the past, and road access is limited. It’s also home to a large number of naturally-reproducing brook trout lakes.

A Greenmantle spokesperson confirmed on Monday that the company had changed its plans for the area. However, the spokesperson was unavailable for an interview.

The proposed Greenmantle plan isn’t the only effort to implement a management plan in the Brook Trout Triangle: the province currently going through the process of creating a new fish and wildlife management area — known as Amethyst Highlands — that will encompass the Brook Trout Triangle.

Ziegler said the provincial plan would heavily restrict the type of forestry activities that can take place in the area, and there’s some uncertainly as to whether or not a possible Greenmantle plan would supersede the provincial one if it’s implemented first.

“Right now, there are no restrictions in the area,” he said. “I think [Greenmantle] did the right thing, and held off to see what happens with [the provincial process].”

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