Foodora and 7-Eleven partner on Canadian delivery deal

Foodora and 7-Eleven have partnered to offer delivery of the convenience store chain’s products in four major Canadian cities.

Berlin-based Foodora says starting today customers in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton can order everything from Slurpees to condoms to medicine through its app and have them delivered.

Milk, bread, fresh fruit and orange juice will also be on offer alongside treats like pizza, taquitos, chips, chocolate and ice cream.

Foodora says the partnership will make use of 48 7-Eleven locations to facilitate deliveries and marks the first time the delivery service has partnered with a large-scale convenience store chain in Canada.

The offering will put Foodora in competition with FryDayBox, Yumee and L8nite — smaller delivery services across Canada that specialize in dropping off packaged junk food, convenience store favourites and everyday essentials.

It signals efforts by Foodora to branch out in the market beyond only offering prepared meals from restaurants and quick-serve brands.

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