Expect your Tim Hortons workers to wear masks now, coffee giant says

Tim Hortons workers will now wear masks and have their temperatures checked before shifts, the chain announced Wednesday.

The company’s chief operating officer, Mike Hancock, said in an email to CBC Toronto that the move is being done to protect the safety of both customers and workers, and that Tim Hortons has acquired an adequate supply of masks for franchises across Canada.

Those masks are not the same as those used in hospitals.

“We have sourced a grade of mask that’s similar to the surgical masks used in hospitals but manufactured with a different standard, so we’re not impacting the supply of masks in hospitals and other health-care facilities,” said Hancock.

Temperature checks

Later this week, the company will also send thermometers out to its stores and begin requiring a temperature check before employees begin their shifts.

Tim Hortons has already made a series of changes amid the COVID-19 pandemic — most prominently, shutting down its seating areas to comply with physical distancing guidelines.

It has also pulled its Roll Up the Rim cups and moved the annual contest online. (A news release from the company said, “We could not accept that team members would have to collect rolled-up tabs that had been in people’s mouths.”)

Meanwhile, it will spend up to $40 million to support those affected by COVID-19, although it’s unclear how much of that money will go to front-line employees.


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