Canadian doctors are suffering from burnout at an ‘alarming’ rate, survey finds

One in four Canadian physicians suffers from burnout, according to a survey of the profession.

Released on Wednesday, the poll by the Canadian Medical Association also shows significant rates of depression and suicidal ideation (thoughts) among the nation’s doctors

“To see these results reported is alarming,” said CMA president Dr. Gigi Osler, warning that poor physician health can impact patient care.

Residents, or doctors in training, along with female physicians report the highest rates of problems, according to the CMA National Physician Health Survey: A National Snapshot.

The findings are consistent with those reported in other jurisdictions and are being made public the day before 500 people — mostly doctors — from around the world gather in Toronto for the International Conference on Physician Health. The conference is held every two years and is organized by the Canadian, American, and British Medical Associations.

The CMA represents Canada’s 85,000 doctors, residents and medical students.

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