2 tornadoes touch down in southern Saskatchewan

Two tornadoes touched down in Saskatchewan near the villages of Cantuar and Chaplin on Monday afternoon, according to Environment Canada.

There was no damage reported from the tornadoes. The tornadoes were a result of a storm system which rolled through southwestern portions of the province yesterday afternoon.

The first tornado touched down near Cantuar, northwest of Swift Current, around 3:20 p.m. and was a landspout tornado, Environment Canada says.

Less than an hour later, another tornado briefly touched down near Chaplin, which is located between Swift Current and Moose Jaw.

There were reports to the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre of a tornado near Coronach but Environment Canada says that has not yet been confirmed.

Morse and Crestwynd received golf ball sized hail during yesterday’s storms as well, with some properties in Crestwynd being damaged by 45 millimetre, or golf ball sized hail.


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