Ukrainians fleeing to Ontario will have access to health coverage, emergency housing, says Ford

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Ontario is offering emergency supports to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion as well as ways to connect them with jobs in the province once they arrive.

Premier Doug Ford says he is hearing that Ontario can expect about 40,000 Ukrainians to arrive under a new emergency travel authorization, but adds that many people with family in the province have already arrived and are staying with relatives.

The government announced today that Ukrainian newcomers will receive access to provincial health coverage, emergency housing, and trauma-informed counselling.

The province is funding counselling and other culturally responsive supports through a $449,000 investment in Canadian-Ukrainian community organizations, and is announcing a $1.9-million scholarship for post-secondary students arriving on an emergency basis.

Ontario is providing an increase of $900,000 over three years to the Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society for settlement services.

Ford is also announcing a new, dedicated hotline and email address to connect new arrivals with job search supports and local employers.

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