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Cancel Culture

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Is cancel culture effective???

Over the past year whether on social media or in conversation with folks, the buzz word “cancel culture” keeps popping up in conversation and seems to have taken over the ongoing narrative in many discussions. I have found that many use this expression very loosely and really don’t have an idea of what this really means.

What does “cancel culture” mean?

Cancel culture is a phenomenon of promoting the cancelling of people, brands and even shows and movies due to what some consider to be offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies.

Now this cancel cultures in one form, or another has been around forever in many instances, and cancelling something was second nature. Today this cancellation culture has taken a very dangerous turn and the way it is being used can create very serious issues to come.

Let me explain….

The seriousness of cancel culture today has originated mainly in the United States with the dethroning of President Trump. Because Trump and his MAGA movement or let’s… make America great again has divided the country with divided factions. With over 73 million people voting for Trump and the republican party this represents almost 50% of the voting public.

Due to this divide between the left-wing democrats and the Trump movement, it has created an utter hatred for each other and the two parties, namely the Trump supporters.

This newly AOC movement in the United States and their influence on the new President and his supporters, has forced the Biden administration to adopt many of their recommendations.

In other words, if you were behind any Trump policies or associated with anything Trump…this has created the Trump derangement syndrome and all things Trump have been or will be cancelled. This movement has put a new twist to the cancel culture and has brought it to the forefront of todays discussions.

This new political movement has taken on a very personal attack mode against the republicans and anything Trump. The cancellation of programs and the cancellation of policy has been done without consultation or any thought put into it. On a personal note, l would say that l would be more of a democrat thinker with conservative economic onions but cancelling all things republican or Trump at the stroke of a pen because of spite…is not a good message to send out moving forward. You don’t have to agree with either parties’ platforms but making change just for the sake of change because you hate the former president is totally wrong and there will be blood shed due to these separations. Yes, you heard correctly…the divide is so deep and real, that because of this cancel culture, you will see a civil war type divide among folks.

There will be a resistance coming forward by many against this cancel culture mentality and just because someone may not agree with your opinion, doesn’t give you the right to cancel that thought or platform someone is putting forward. This new cancel culture will create so much animosity if there is no equal time given to both sides. We still live in a free society along with free speech and freedom to speak your mind especially on political issues.

Power has given the new democrats a newfound life and they want to control free speech and freedom to express one’s self, cancelling anything that the democrats don’t agree with is very dangerous. There is no single accepted definition of cancel culture, but at its worst, it is about unaccountable groups successfully applying pressure to punish someone for perceived wrong opinions. The victim ends up losing their job or is significantly harmed in some way well beyond the discomfort of merely being disagreed with.

Today, everything and everyone can be cancelled if the internet collectively decides that it needs to be so. Once a movement starts and you are on the wrong side, this collectively move mainly through social media and the internet can and will destroy you or your company. Sounds like free speech and freedom to express really does not exist, and in many ways it never did.

Social media and the internet can be a great asset but can also be used to destroy you. Over the past few years, cancel culture has entered the mainstream lexicon, thanks to social media. Today the term has become central to public debate across politics, culture and media. In short, cancel culture refers to the practice of withdrawing support for a person or company – often on social media – based on their views or actions.

The current pandemic has only served to increase the cultural impact of the internet on society. Ever since the physical world went into lockdown, people have been spending a record amount of time online. At the same time, social isolation has further facilitated online interaction. Thus, sparking a renewed wave of social activism amplified by many groups. Cancel culture has proven to be an effective method to identify the actions taken by individuals and corporations to rectify mistakes. Recently, in light of social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter Movement and MeToo, during an election year, cancel culture has been used to take down racist statues, rename buildings named after icons, call out celebrities and prominent figures in society and address racist, sexist, or homophobic views or ideologies.

Seems like cancel culture has affected every aspect of our existing culture and has tourn and ripped apart a great deal of our past. This movement seems to have an answer for everything that gets in its way…. if you are not on the right side, you may be either cancelled or eliminated.

Twitter’s cancel culture is the most talked about in recent days with many famous people being banned from the twitter handle including former President Trump who had millions of followers. Talk about selective decisions on who gets to vent on twitter and who gets banned for life or eliminated from the twitter platform. A small select group of elitists get to decide what you can read, speak or observe opinions that need to be heard whether you agree with or not. Twitter’s cancellation of accounts has fueled the cancel culture discussion to where lines have been drawn in the sand.

This comes down to freedom of speech and a select group that control todays social media highways have figured out how to control all aspects of our lives.

Looks like cancel culture is alive and well.

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