Spring is finally here and Canada’s Wonderland is opening next month

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Spring is finally here and that means the return of some of our favorite activities including going to Canada’s Wonderland.

Now that the mask mandates have been partially lifted, there have been changes to rules at Canada’s Wonderland for the 2022 season as it opens next month.

In a recent update, the park announced there would be changes when visiting the park, including not having to book in advance to visit.



When the amusement park opened last summer, guests needed to make a timed reservation to enter the park but this year you won’t have to anymore.

Another rule change is that crew members won’t be asking for proof of vaccination anymore but will still be asking guests to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms.

Although the mask mandates will be fully lifted by April 30, guests are still welcome to wear face masks.

The park also recommends that at least one person in your group should have the Canada’s Wonderland app downloaded to help assist with navigating the park.

If you’re thinking about snacking on a funnel cake or getting a bite to eat at their new restaurant, make sure to leave the cash at home since the park is now cashless and all payments will be contactless.

Canada’s Wonderland officially opens for the 2022 season on April 30. If you can’t wait until the end of April, you can purchase a season’s gold pass and go to the park preview day on April 24.

For those who love the water park, Splash Works opens on May 28.

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